Cub Scout Ranks


All Scouts start as Bobcats, no matter what age they are when they enter Cub Scouts. After demonstrating preliminary achievements, like understanding the Scout Oath, a Scout advances to the next age appropriate rank.


First graders or 7-year-olds work toward earning their Tiger badge. So while a youth is in the Tiger rank he is achieving the necessary adventures and requirements to earn his Tiger badge.


This rank is for 8-year-olds or Scouts who have finished first grade.


This rank is for 9-year-olds or Scouts who have finished second grade.


Kindergartners work toward the Lion rank. Although participation with an adult partner is required for all Lion awards, recognition items are for the Scouts only.


These Scouts have finished third grade or are 10 years old. The requirements Scouts work on as Webelos contribute to earning their Arrow of Light.

Arrow of Light

This is highest rank in Cub Scouts. Earning this rank prepares a Webelos Scout to become a Boy Scout. The Arrow of Light badge is also the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

More Information

Scouts BSA

Beginning February 2019, Young Women ages 11-17 are eligible to earn the Eagle Scout rank. Scouts BSA is single gender, all young women troops or all young men troops.

Cub Scouts Pack 307 welcomes Young Women in Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade Ages 5 - 10.

Calendar of Events

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